ScreenCasting with iPads and Macs

Screencasting is a digital recording of clicks and movements created on a computer screen. The recording is usually a video recording with audio narration created by the teacher or student. Teachers can use this tool to create lessons for students to watch if absent or if need a refresher of the concepts taught in class. Students can use screencasting to create a video displaying their level of understanding as a formative or summative assessment.

Helpful hints before you begin to create
  • Plan your video... Storyboard
  • Write your script
  • Collect your images

Screen Capture From the Computer

Screen Shot Images

Shortcuts to saving to desktop:
shift-command-3: takes a screenshot of the screen and saves it as a file on the desktop
shift-command-4: select an area and it takes a screenshot of an area and saves it as a file on the desktop
shift-command-4-spacebar-window: takes a screenshot of a window and save it as a file on the

Shortcuts to saving to clipboard
shift-command-control-3: take a screenshot of the screen and save it to the clipboard
shift-command-control-4-select an area: take a screenshot of an area and save it to the clipboard
shift-command-control-4-spacebar-click a window: take a screenshot of a window and save it to the clipboard


Use Quicktime to capture your lesson or of student learning. Quicktime can be used to create audio files, movie recordings and screen recordings. Once the files are created they can be posted on a teacher website, wiki, or Moodle to help student learning.

Screen Capture From the iPad


Explain Everything

Explain Everything is an iPad app that allows you to create screencasts to explain an idea. You can insert pictures from your iPad Photos, add text boxes, and use your finger or stylus to write on your video. You can do your whole video using one slide, or you can use multiple slides. If you use multiple slides, you can set up your slides ahead of time. You can record your movements and writing on the screen. You can also record narration into your Explain Everything video. After creating the project, it can be exported as a movie and shared with others. The best part of Explain Everything App is there is no account creation needed.

Other Whiteboard Voice over Apps



skitch banner.pngSkitch




Quicktime - Free

Camtasia - $100