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Student Profile

In the Dashboard area, you will see a list of your students for each class.
Clicking on a particular student will bring up his/her student profile. The Student Profile area allows you to get demographic information on your students as well as view progress, see a report card quick view, and find schedule and attendance information. You can get to a student's profile information by clicking on their name in the Class Dashboard area.

Click here to see a video demonstrating the features of the Student Profile area.Click here for a Student Profile document.

Update RosterBelow the list of students you will see an "Update Roster" link. This area allows you to change the order of your students and gives you the ability to hide students.
It is recommended that you hide all withdrawn students as discussed below. If you wish to hide other students, that is fine as long as you are not sharing the class with any other teachers. If you do share a class, the students you hide will be hidden for the other teacher too and this can cause issues.
Updating the class roster allows teachers to hide the students who have withdrawn from their class. The withdrawn students have a red "w" (W) by their name. Hiding all students with this (W) will make inputting grades much easier for teachers. It also takes away the parents' view of these classes which is also very important. If a student isn't hidden and transfers to another class within the same building or within the district, the parents will see both the class the student is not longer in and the new class. This can be very confusing to parents.

Click here for a short video on hiding withdrawn students.