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Once you have your report cards finished, you will need to take some time to verify that the information is correct. It is important to do this so that you not have inaccurate information going home and/or there are no spelling errors being sent to parents. In addition to this, proof reading your report cards allows you time to fix your errors before the cards are printed. Thus, preventing the need for reprints. Everyone is responsible for verifying his or her own grades.
You can verify the information in the report card entry area, but there is an easier place to review this information.

Click here for a short video tutorial showing you how to verify your report card information.
Click here for a PDF version.

Accessing Report Card Information in the Student Profile Area

A great way to proof read and verify the information that it going to be printed on the report card is by going to the Student Profile area.
To get there, open one of your classes and click on one of your student names in the left column.
That will take you to the Student Profile area as shown below.
PB RC StuProfile.png
Then you will need to click on the Assessments tab and you see a similar screen below.
PB RC SP Assess.png

From there, you need to click on the drop down menu beside the word "Report" to see the report choices.

PB RC SP Report.png

You will need to select the report card for your grade level. The example shows 4th grade.
PB RC SP ReportCard2.png
Once you do that, the report card area will show with the information you have added.
PB RC SP RC View.png
Scroll down to make sure all grades are there and that they are accurate. If you see any grades missing from the related arts area, please contact the related arts teacher to make sure he or she did not miss entering a grade level or class. Your help in double checking this area is greatly appreciated.
PB RC SP Missing.png

Continue scrolling to the bottom to see your comments. This is a great area to review your comments because you don't have to "open" anything to see them. You cannot edit them, however, in this area. You would need to go back to Homebase in the Report Card Entry area to make corrections.

Note: You need to remember to stick to the 550 character count when creating your comment to ensure that the entire comment prints on the report card. Just because everything shows in this viewing area, does not mean that it will all show when the report card is printed. The only way to guarantee that is by sticking with the 550 character count when you create the comment.
PB RC SP Comment.png

Once you are finished with this student, you can go back to the top and choose the next student in the list from the drop down menu.

PB RC SP Student Name.png

Spending time in this area proof reading and verifying information is very beneficial to you. The more you can find errors and make corrections before the report cards are printed, the less need there will be for reprints.