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At the end of every trimester, grades will need to be transferred to the report card.

Click here for a video tutorial on how to enter grades onto the report card and complete comments.
Click here for a PDF version.

Special Note for 3rd Trimester
Remember to put a check in the checkbox and then click the equal button in the Homebase area 3rd trimester as close to the end of the trimester as possible to bring in the most accurate attendance numbers. They will not come in automatically since the printing occurs before the end of the grading period.

Completing Report Cards

To complete the report cards, click on the "Enter Report Cards" link found in the middle section of the Grade Book screen.

Once you are in the Report Card Entry area, there are several things that need to be completed.
First, grades need to be entered for each class or subject that you teach. To do that, you will need to select the subject from the dropdown menu and then click "Show all students" and follow the directions detailed below.

PB RC Select Class.png

PB RC checkbox.png

PB RC NotSaved.png

PB RC Saved.png

Please Note: If you add additional assignments or change a score on an assignment, you can click the checkbox and “=” button again and the computer will recalculate the average and adjust the marks on the report card.

Therefore, clicking the checkbox and “=” button can be done as many times as you desire until the report cards are “closed” for that grading period.
Just remember to click "Save" each time to save the changes.

After report cards are closed for the grading period, you will need to contact your TST for grade changes.


Homebase is where the Social Development marks go as well as the attendance. It is also where you complete the Comment section.

PB RC HB entry.png

PB RC HB Comment.png

PB RC HB CommentOpen.png

PB RC HB Character Ct.png
PB RC HB Save.png

All Classes

The "All Classes" area is another place to enter report card grades and comments. This area is where you can work on one student at a time. It a great place to go if you have a student leaving early and you just want to get his/her report card done so that it can be printed.

PB RC All Classes.pngPB RC All Classes Sample.png

Here is an example of the All Classes area for one student.

You can click the checkbox and "=" to bring in the grades for any particular student.

This is also a place to review information to make sure all grades are there and information is correct.

PB RC All Classes Save.png

You must remember to save after each student if working in this area as you would do in any other section.

Important Final Note: It is extremely important to verify all information in the report card area before printing. Any errors need to be corrected before the report card window closes for printing. If errors are found after printing, you will need to request a reprint from your building principal or secretary.

Click here to see how to verify report card information.