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Because each related arts teacher has so many classes, setting up ProgressBook must be done a little differently and in a slightly different order from the regular classroom teacher.
Related Arts Teachers should:
  1. Setup Grading Scales - This process is the same as for the regular classroom teachers. All of your classes should already be setup, but you need to confirm this. Classes must be set up using "Custom Setup 2" BEFORE you can begin creating assignments. Click on link for directions.
  2. Editing Class Lists - Editing class lists are a little more tricky for the related arts teachers. They have a long list of classes that need to be renamed and organized. What makes this process tricky is that the order of the classes in the GradeBook window area does not match the order of the classes in the "Edit List" window. Therefore, the process is a little different to account for this challenge. Click here for a short video showing you one way to rename and order your classes.
  3. Group Classes together - Optional - Once you rename your classes, you might want to group classes together. Click here for a short video on grouping classes together in the related arts grade book.

Once you have verified that your classes are all set to Custom Setup 2, you have edited the name, and possibly grouped classes together, now you are ready for the final two things.
  1. Setup Assignment Types - Click here for a short video on setting up assignment types in the related arts grade book . If you group classes together, setting up your assignment types should be done after you group your classes so that the assignment types can be assigned to each group you created.
  2. Managing Class Lists - Important! - Hide withdrawn students from rosters. Both regular classroom teachers and related arts teachers need to do this.