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If you would like to create a Moodle course, you would need to put in a PD request to have one create for you.

Note: When using Moodle, editing needs to be done in Firefox.


A - Course TitleB - Breadcrumb Trail - Series of links used to navigate through the course.C - Files - Files needed for the course can be uploaded here.D - Topic Outline - This is the opening area for your course.E - Topics - Courses are arranged by topic.F - Switch Roles - Options include viewing Moodle as a non-editing teacher or as a student.G - Turn Editing On - Here you can switch views and turn on editing.

Here is an example of a Moodle course with some content. The Topic Outline area is shown here. It let's the students know what the course will be about. Pictures can be added to this area to make the course more appealing.MoodleHome.png

Here is an example of the Topic area. You can see Lessons, Discussion Forums, uploaded documents, and a Drop Box.MoodleTopics.png