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Discussion Forums are a place for your students to discuss topics related to the course and ask questions.

News ForumEvery Moodle class has a specialized forum called the News Forum. It is essentially an announcement area where you can make class announcements. It will always appear in the top section of your course.

Discussion Forum
  • Click on "Add an activity" and select "Forum".
  • This window will open.
  • Add a Forum name and introduction.
  • Note that attachments can be added to a Forum, but there is a size limit that can be adjusted by you.
  • Scroll down for other choices but nothing needs to be changed.
  • Once finished, remember to Save.

  • Your Forum will now show in the Topic area as shown.

Students Adding Posts
  • When student open the Forum, they will see the message and be able to "Add a new discussion topic".

  • When they add a post, they will need at add a Subject and a Message.
  • If you have a subscription, you might want to change the setting to "I don't want email copies of posts to this forum". If this is not changed, you will get an email every time someone posts to this forum.
  • There is an attachment link which allows you to attach files to the discussion forum.


  • Forum posts will then show in this list.
  • Students need to understand that others will be able to see and respond to their posts.

Editing and Replying to Discussions Posts
  • Click on the Discussion post link to access the Reply and Edit options.


  • Edit takes you back to your original discussion post for editing.
  • Reply takes you to an area where you can respond to the person's post.