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Lesson Prep Recommendations
  • Write up your lessons in advance using Word or Pages.
  • Collect pictures, videos, and any other documents you might need and place them in a folder.
  • When naming lesson and other documents, use a unique name for each to avoid confusion later.

Getting Started with Moodle

  • Open your Moodle course using Firefox.
  • Be aware that you have the ability to switch roles as any time to see what your students are seeing when they are in your course.
  • Turn on Editing
  • Once you do that, your course view will change as shown below.MoodleEditingOn.png
  • Once editing is turned on, any Topic, lesson or file has these tools available.
  • You an hover over each one to see what it does.
  • From left to right the buttons will:
    • move left
    • move right
    • move up or down
    • open editing
    • delete the entry
    • hide the entry (hidden entry will have a closed eye and can be clicked to unhide the entry)
  • There are also buttons on the side of each Topic which will:
    • show only the topic chosen
    • highlight to topic as the current topic
    • hide the topic
    • move the topic (up or down).

Topic Area

  • Edit the topic area by clicking on the editing tool as shown below.

After you open the editing area, you can add text, pictures, links, etc. Here is where you will tell the students what they are going to learn and why.


Compose a Web Page
  • Next, go to the Topic area and click on the "Add a resource...." drop down to choose a resource.

Your drop down choices are as shown:


The most common choice for basic information is the "Compose a web page" choice.

Once you choose "Compose a web page", the page below will now be open.
  • You will need to give the page a name like: Lesson 1 - Understanding Light (make the lesson name unique).
  • The summary area is optional.
  • You will need to put your topic content in the "Compose a web page" area. More information on this below.
  • Before saving the lesson, make sure to scroll down and click on the "Show course blocks" checkbox.

  • Then remember to Save. You have the option of "Save and return to course" or "Save and display".

Compose a web page - Full text area

  • In this area you will compose your topic information. You will add your static content and opportunities for further inquiry.
  • To enlarge the editing area, and also make more tools available, click on the button shown.
The enlarged "Full Screen" editor will look like this:

Inserting Links

  • Click on the link button in the editor.
  • Fill in information as shown.
  • Change Target to "New window".
  • Click OK.