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There are a few different types of assignments that you can use in your course.
  • Advanced Uploading of Files - Allows students to upload more than one file.
  • Online Text - Allows students to type in a text box and submit it.
  • Upload a Single File - Allows students to upload a single file
  • Offline Activity - These are ungraded assignments that do not drop directly into the Moodle grade book.

Drop Box

The most common form of assignment type is "Upload a Single File". This is used to create a Drop Box for students to turn in work.
  • Go to the Topic area and click on Add an activity and choose "Upload a Single File"

  • Once you do that, this window will open.
  • Give the assignment a unique name.
  • Write a description of the assignment telling students what yo want them to do.
  • Review other options available.
  • Save.

  • Once saved the assignment will show in the Topic area as shown.