Mastery Manager

Mastery Manager is a web-based assessment data compilation system that enables teachers to score assessments, through a scanner located in each building, and have immediate access to detailed data analysis reports wherever secure Internet access is available.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Create a Mastery Manager Assessment to record data
  3. Print answer forms
  4. Scan/Enter assessment results
  5. Analyze data

In the next fifteen minutes, work through the below activities as a group. Later, check your personal login, and make sure you can perform the activities.
  1. Login to your account
  2. Change Password
  3. Access the help area of Mastery Manager
  4. Watch the first 2 getting started videos
  5. Understand and use Dublin Naming Conventions

Mastery Manager

1. Access Mastery Manager using the link above or go to and select "login"


Username - your email address
PW - your mm pw or if this is your first time in - use "changeme"

When logged in - accept the user agreement and continue.

2. Select the "Setup" tab and change your password


3. Select the "Help" tab and watch the first two tutorial videos


4. Here is a handout with tips and steps that are typically used in Dublin

5. Here is a handout with Naming Conventions used in Dublin - naming assessments correctly is very important