FirstClass is the application used for email and conference communications. In this module, you can look at some of the basic features and settings for FirstClass to ensure that you are getting the most from this productivity tool.

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Lesson on FirstClass Cleanup

FirstClass Access and Server Set Up

  • School Access
  • Home Access
  • Web Access
  • Server Set Up


  • General Preferences - select Mail and Contact form set up
  • Calendar Preferences
  • Content Preferences - increase Zoom to enlarge email text for easier viewing
  • Messaging Preferences
    • Set up automatic responses for when you are away
    • Set replies to be at the top of the message and add a signature


  • Adding and Deleting Conferences on FirstClass Desktop
  • Creating Folders
  • Mailbox Views


  • Quota Limits
  • Saving Attachments
  • Summarizing and Archiving Email
  • Replying to Email
  • Viewing Email History
  • Unsend Function


  • Find vs. Filter
  • Customize Toolbars


  • Directory - District Employees
  • Adding Contacts
  • Creating a Mail List


  • Set up Voice Greetings
  • Retrieving Messages


  • Calendar Views
  • Adding Events
  • Sharing Your Calendar
  • Merging Calendars
  • Adding Tasks