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To get to the FirstClass Preference area, click on FirstClass in the top menu area and then select Preferences.

FC General Preferences.png

General Preferences

Please note:

You can change the New Mail Form in the General Preference area. This changes how your new message "To:" and "Subject:" fields are arranged.

The Default view has the "Subject:" first and then the "To:" field.

If you change it to Outlook, the "To:" field will be on top and the "Subject:" area will be at the bottom.

There are also several choices for your Contact form set up. Change the Contact form to "Classic".

Click here for a video tutorial on the General Preferences.

FC - Calendar Preferences.png

Calendar Preferences

There are two tabs available in the Calendar Preference area. Here you can control basic calendar and event settings.

Content PreferencesFCContentPreferences.png

In the Content Preference area, there are four tabs. These tabs give you access to Text Styles, Highlight Styles, Spell Check and other Options.

Remember to keep Text Styles professional and easy for others to read.

Please note:

In the "Options" tab area you can set the "Zoom" on your email message window. If you would like to increase the font size in your emails for easier viewing, increase the zoom level here. It is better to do this than to increase your Text Styles size. Increasing your font size in the Text Styles area only changes the size of the font on the messages you send out. Not everyone wants or needs the large font size. Setting the Zoom, allows you to control what you are viewing without affecting what others see.

Click here for a video tutorial on the Content Preferences.

Messaging Preferences

FC MessagingMailRulesPrefs.png
In the Messaging Preference area there are five tabs, but only two will be addressed.

Mail Rules Tab

Here you can set an automatic response to emails if you are going to be out for an extended period of time. This can give others another person to contact during your absence or let them know that they will not be hearing from you until the date you return.

Set the Reply Preference to "Automatic", but you can see that there are other choice available if you so choose to use.

When using an Automatic Reply, remember to turn it off when you return to work.

Click here for a video tutorial on the Messaging Preferences.

FC MessagingInitial ContentPrefs.png

Initial Content Tab

Please Note:
It is imperative that everyone set the "Cursor placement in reply:" to "Before Quote".
If your preference is not set this way, please do so now.

Automatic "Signatures" can be created and added to messages.
Add the signature you wish to use and check the box to "Automatically add signature to new messages".