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FirstClass allows you to set up and manage your voice greetings from within FirstClass. You also have the ability to listen to your voicemail messages in your FirstClass Mailbox.

Setting up Voice Greetings

If you don't set up any voice greetings, the computer will try to say your name. This may or may not work out well depending on your name. Therefore, it is best to take a few minutes to create voice greetings. Personalizing your greetings allows you to present a more professional introduction. There are 3 greetings you can prepare:
  1. Spoken Name - say your name so that it is pronounced correctly when used
  2. Internal - this greeting will play when anyone on a CISCO phone from within the district calls your extension
  3. External - the greeting will play when anyone from outside the district calls your extension

For a detailed step sheet for setting up these voice greetings, click here.
Here is a video showing you how to set up your voice greeting. Voice Greeting Video

Retrieving Messages

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When someone leaves you a message on your phone, that message will appear in your FirstClass Mailbox.

You can open up this message just like any other message in your Mailbox.

Click the Play button to listen to the voice message.
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