The Toolbar area gives you access to some common tools or choices you may use when working within FirstClass. Among the common tools, there is a Find and a Filter feature. Many common buttons are standard, but you have the ability to add more.

Find vs. Filter

FC FindFilter.png
When searching for emails, it is good to know the difference between the Find and the Filter feature.

The Find feature helps you by searching for words embedded in the email.
The Filter helps to find emails by searching for words found in “Subject” or “To” areas.

Click here for additional information on the Find and Filter functions.

Adding Buttons to the Toolbar

FC CustomizeToolbars.png

To add a button to your Toolbar, you must first be in the window to which you want to add the button. For example, if you wish to add "Reply With Quote" to your email message window, you need to have an email message window open before you complete the next step.

Once the window is open, click on "View" + "Toolbar" + "Customize Toolbar".

That will cause another window to open showing the different Toolbar button options available.
FC CustomizeToolbar.png

There is a Category drop down that gives access to additional buttons.
Choose the Category that displays the button(s) you wish to add.
Choose the button(s) you want to add and drag it to the Toolbar area of the window you have open.

Adding "Reply Sender" and "Reply with Quote"

FC CustToolbarMessage.png

There are some message tasks you might use a lot like "Reply Sender" or "Reply with Quote". To provide easier to access to these choices, add them to your Message Toolbar.

Open any Email Message Window.
In the Customize Toolbars area, choose "Message" from the Category drop down menu.

Drag any buttons you think would be useful to your message Toolbar. Recommended buttons are:
  • Reply with Quote
  • Reply Sender

FC MessageToolbar.png

Adding a "Filter" to the Trash Can

FC CustToolbarTrashFilter.png
Trying to find emails that you have put in the Trash can be somewhat difficult. Putting the Filter in the Trash Can window can make this task much easier.

Open the Trash Can window.
In the Customize Toolbars area, choose "Filter" from the Category drop down menu.

Then drag the Filter to your Trash Can window Toolbar.

FC TrashToolbar.png

Now you can easily search for the email you accidentally deleted or need back for any other reason.

Removing Buttons from Toolbar

Buttons (and anything else that might have been added accidentally or otherwise) can easily be removed from the Toolbar. There are two ways to do this.
1. With the Customize Toolbar window open, drag the button from the Toolbar to the Buttons area in the Customize Toolbars window.
2. Hold down the Control key on your keyboard and click and hold on the button you wish to remove. A pop up window will appear where you can select "Remove Button".