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All Dublin City Schools staff are in the FirstClass Directory. Therefore, they won't need to be added to your personal Contacts. In fact they should not be added to this area.

You can, however, add non-emloyees to your personal Contacts.

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Contact Preference

If you haven't already, you should change your Contact Preference to the "Classic" contact form.

With FirstClass open, go to FirstClass in the top menu area and down to Preferences.

Select the General tab,
In the Contacts area, select "Classic" as the Contact form.

Click Apply.

Click OK to return to your FirstClass Desktop.

Adding a Personal Contact

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To add a personal contact, click on the Contacts icon found on your FirstClass Desktop, or click on the Contacts found in the left column.

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Once the Contact window is open, click on the "New" button to open the New Contact window. Fill out the necessary information and click OK.

Remember - contacts should only be created for people outside the district. District employees are already in the Directory.

Contacts can be viewed in your Contact window. You have the option of "View by List" or "View by Index Card" in the Toolbar area.

Creating a Mail List (Contact Group)

Once you have contacts added, you can create your own personal groups which are called Mail Lists. You would only need a Mail List if there isn't a Conference for the group.

FC NewMailList.png

Click on the arrow beside the "New" button to open a drop down menu. Select "New Mail List".

FC NewMailListWindow.png
A "New Mail List" window will open.

Give the Mail List (or group) a name.

Then drag and drop contacts from your contact list into the "Members" area.
It is best to add the contacts individually to your Contact list before putting them into a group. If you are adding a District Employee to the Mail List, start typing their name in the "Members" area and select their name from the drop down list that appears as you do when addressing an email.

Once you have all of your Members, click "OK". Your new group will now show in your list of Contacts.

To send a message to this group, type the group name in the "To" area of the new message.
Note: If you have a parent group (or any group) and you don't want people to see each other's email addresses, send the message to yourself and add the Parent Group (or whatever group you are sending to) to the BCC area. That will keep the emails private.