In FirstClass, you have your own Calendar.
FC OpenCalendar.png

You can view your Calendar by clicking on the Calendar icon on your FirstClass Desktop, or by clicking on the Calendar links in the left column which is the Navigation Pane.

Changing the Calendar Name

FC CalendarName.png

You can change the name of your Calendar by selecting the Calendar icon on the FirstClass Desktop and then clicking "Command" + "I" on your keyboard to open the Information window. You can type a new name in the "Name" field.

Click "OK" when finished.

You will want to change the name of your calendar if you share your calendar with others. This way the person receiving your calendar will know who it belongs to.

Calendar Views

FC CalendarView.png

You can view your Calendar by the Day, Work Week, Week, or Month by clicking the appropriate button.

The "Show Today's List" botton shows the tasks and events for the day in the left column.

Adding New Events

FC CalendarNewEvent.png

To add a New Event, click on the "New" button.

You can also click on the arrow beside "New" and select "New Event" or double click on the date on the calendar itself to open the Event window.

When the Event window opens, add a Description and a start and stop time.
There is a place to color code the event and to set a reminder if you wish.
Remember to click "Save and Close" to save the event to your Calendar.
FC NewEvent.png

Adding Participants to the Event

FC EventParticipants.png

After you have created the Event, click on the Participants tab.

In the Participants area, add the name of the person you would like to invite to the event. When you start adding the name, a list should appear as it does when you address an email.

Multiple participants can be invited.

Remember to click "Save and Close" when finished.

Repeating Events

FC RepeatEvent.png

Any created event can be repeated.

Repeat options are found in the Repeat tab area.

Sharing Your Calendar

FC CalendarSharing.png

You can give others access to view and/or edit your Calendar. To grant these permissions, have your Calendar open or selected and go to " Collaborate" in the top menu area and select "Permissions..." from the drop down list.

FC CalendarSharing2.png
That will open up the Calendar Permissions window.

In the "Who:" area, type the name of the person with whom you would like to share your calendar. As with email, when you start typing the name, a list should appear and you can select the name from the list.

FC CalendarSharingPermissions.png
Once the name has been entered, click the drop down and determine the amount of access you would like the person to have.

You can choose to customize the permissions by selecting different permissions in the "Permissions" area. If you hover over a permission, it will display what the icon stands for.

FC CalendarSubscribers.png
Once you have given the person permission to view and/or edit your calendar, you need to send it to them. You do that by clicking on the "Subscribers" button.

That will open up the "Add Person" window where you will enter the person's name and select their name from the list and then click the "Add" button.
FC CalendarAddSubscriber.png

This will send your calendar to the subscriber's FirstClass Desktop.

Merging Calendars

FC CalendarMerge.png
If you add a calendar to your FirstClass Desktop (either a group calendar or another user's calendar), then you can choose to overlay this calendar with your own.

Take the added calendar that is on your FirstClass Desktop and drag it on top of your calendar in the Navigation Pane (left column).

FC CalendarsList.png
Now you will be able to see the other calendar along with your calendar.

Open your calendar and click on the "Calendar" tab. You can check the additional calendar to view its events. They will be merged with the events in your Calendar. You can uncheck the additional calendar to hide the events.

If you want to delete the calendar, click on it in the list to select it and then click the Delete key on your keyboard.

Adding Tasks

FC NewTask.png
You can also add Tasks to your calendar. These can remind you of general "To Do" items.

To add a Task, you must be in your Calendar area. Click on the arrow to the right of the "New" button and select "New Task" from the drop down menu. You can also double click in the "Today List" area to create a Task.

Once the the Task window is open, complete information as needed and click "Save and Close".
FC TaskWindow.png

If you click on the Advanced tab, you will have the ability to determine who will be able to see your task (if you share your calendar) and/or color code the task.
FC TaskAdvanced.png

FC TaskList.png
Now you will see your "Tasks" in the "Today's List" area. There are checkboxes available for you to check off the task once it has been completed.
FC CompletedTask.png