School Access

It is installed on all school computers and can be found in the Applications Folder.
You can access the Applications folder by opening the Finder Finder.png or the Hard Drive HardDrivePic.png and then clicking on the "Applications" link ApplicationsPic.png in the left column.

Once FirstClass is open, first check to see if the server is set. You can tell by looking beside the word "Server:" on the FirstClass Login window as shown.

You should see the sever:

If it is not set up on the computer you are using, see the "Basic FirstClass Client Set Up" link below.

Home Access

FirstClass can be installed on your home computer as well.
Click here to go OpenText's "Download and Install the FirstClass Client" page. You can download and install a Windows or Mac version.

Mobile Device Access

FirstClass can be installed on your mobile device by downloading the FirstClass Mobile app.

Web Access

Web access to your FirstClass email is also available. That can be accessed through the following link.
FirstClass Web Interface

Basic FirstClass Client Set Up

  • Server:
  • Can save User ID but should NOT save password
  • Do NOT change password

Click Here
for video tutorial on server set up and other set up information.