Administrator Set Up

The technology representative for the building has to do some initial set up prep work. In order to do this, you must log in with the administrator username and password. These usernames and passwords are ONLY for the teacher who has been chosen to be the technology rep for the building. They are:

Scottish Corners:
username: sces admin
password: sces5950

username: wyes admin
password: wyes5620

The responsibilities of the technology representative is to:
1.) Delete teachers who have left the building
2.) Add new teachers names and assign a password
3.) Change any teachers names if last names have changed for any reason.
4.) Delete ALL students from the year before
5.) Add ALL students for the present year.

Deleting previous year's students video.

Creating a spreadsheet text file of current year's students
Importing current students into FASTT Math

Attached are step sheets to walk you through this whole process.

FASTT Math Information for Teachers

Once you have completed the building set up, give out the link to this page to teachers. This page will provide videos and stepsheets for each teacher to watch and refer to when they are ready to set up their classes.