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Regular Classroom Teacher Setup

Grade Book Setup - Must be done at the beginning of each year before assignments can be created.

Average Calc Setup

  • Setup Assignment Types - Click on link for directions.
  • Setup Calculation Method and Weights - Skip this - Nothing needs to be done in this area if you are using "Straight Average" as your calculation method. That is the default setting.
  • Setup Grading Scales - This should already be done for you, but you need to confirm this set up. Classes must be set up using "Custom Setup 2" BEFORE you can begin creating assignments. Click on link for directions.

Additional Beginning of the Year ProgressBook Information


Setup Options
  • Edit Class List - Directions for renaming classes.
  • Managing Class Lists - Important! - Hide withdrawn students from rosters. Both regular classroom teachers and related arts teachers need to do this.
  • Setup grade book access - This is where you can share your grade book with another teacher.
  • Group Classes together - Directions for regular classroom teachers and additional directions for related arts teachers. Note: If you group classes together, you will need to set Assignment Types for each of the groups you create.
  • Group Students within Classes

Related Arts Teachers - Click Here for Beginning of the Year ProgressBook Setup

Additional ProgressBook Information

Class Dashboard

  • Roster
    • Student Information (click on student name to see details)
    • Update Roster
    • Daily Comments
  • Adding Assignments
    • Description, Assignment Type, Due Date, Points, Weights
    • Post Marks to the Web
    • Apply the Assignment to Standards and/or Letter Grade
    • Recording Marks for the Assignment
      • Fill down function
      • Missing vs. Late
      • Exclude and Exclude/Post
      • Comments
  • View Parent - Student Access Site


  • Creating a Class Roster - "checklist" with student names
  • Student Progress Reports
    • Reading Support, Reading Recovery, ELI, Extended ELI, and ELL - recommended report to use
    • Classroom Reports - sorted by Assignment Type
  • Student Progress Report by Assessments
    • Classroom Reports - sorted by Standards - recommended report for regular education classroom
    • Use for conferences, interims, any time you wish to share academic progress with parents in hard copy

Report Cards