Dublin Dashboard

The Dublin Dashboard was built in 2012/13 school year, and continues to be under development. It is designed to be your "one stop shop." When you're looking for assistance, information, files, or links, think of the Dublin Dashboard!

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:
  1. Change your password
  2. Find your DASL/ProgressBook Login
  3. Locate links to Dublin Online Services
  4. Subscribe to Google Calendars
  5. Identify ways to get tech support
  6. Find student lists, demographics, logins, parent contact information

Here are some Dashboard tasks to try:
  1. Change your password. (It will work better if you're at school when you change your password.)
  2. Find your DASL/ProgressBook Login.
  3. Visit the Dublin Curriculum Wiki.
  4. Visit the Tech Support Wiki.
  5. Visit the Google Training Wiki.
  6. Set up your News/Message alerts.
  7. Find your class, and look at the Demographic report, Directory report, and Parent Contact report.
  8. Go to the Content Library, click on Video, log into MediaCore, find the Podcast for Computer Tips.

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