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One challenge of working in a mobile computing environment is having access to your files anywhere in that environment and when you need them. Storing files on a file server helps solve this problem, but it requires a centralized directory and enough bandwidth to transfer files across the network as needed.

Lesson on MyDublinCloud and the File Server


  1. Understand how the "MyDublinCloud" folder works.
  2. Discuss ways to help students remember to save their files in their "cloud" folders.
  3. Connect to old file servers to access old files as needed.


In the next 15 minutes, you should watch the short video below that describes the "MyDublinCloud" folder and read the information about saving files and using cloud storage solutions. You should also try to connect to your old file server to download any files you may need and don't have on your computer.

The Past

Since the 2009/2010 school year, staff files have been synced to a file server in each school building. This meant that a copy of anything saved on the computer’s desktop or in the documents folder was placed in the user’s folder on the file server. In theory, the contents of these folders on the local computer should match the corresponding folders on the server. The downside of syncing files is that is requires a lot of bandwidth, and can cause slowness when logging in/out of a computer. Also since the 2009/2010 school year, student files were re-directed to the file servers at each building. Instead of making a copy of files on the local computer and sending them to the server, students worked directly off the server. All their files were created and stored directly on the server. This also requires a lot of bandwidth, and can cause slowness on the computer.

A New Feature

Starting in the 2012/2013 school year, we are turning off the syncing of files on staff computers and the re-direction of student files*. Instead, all staff and students
will see a “MyDublinCloud” icon on their computer desktops when they login with their directory accounts. This icon represents a private folder for each staff member and student in the district. This folder icon will show up on any computer in the district as long as a directory account is used at login. Anything saved in this folder will, therefore, be accessible on any computer in the district. This new feature will only work on computers that have been joined to the district's Active Directory (AD). Most computers in the district were joined to AD during the summer of 2012, but many staff laptops still need to be joined; the "MyDublinCloud" folder will not show up on these computers until they have been joined to AD. Because of this, we have scheduled a time for staff to drop off their laptops over the next few weeks. We should have all computers joined to AD after the first week of September. So, students will see the cloud folder from day 1 of the new school year, and staff will see it after their computer has been joined to AD.

*Elementary student files will still be re-directed to help them save and use files on multiple computers.

Saving Your Files

Since we are now using a “cloud” storage folder instead of syncing files or re-directing files to the file servers, all files will saved locally on the computer used to create the file. The only time files will be accessible on multiple computers is if the staff member or student places that file in his/her cloud folder. As long as files are placed here, they will be accessible on any computer in the district. Sub-folders can be created inside the “MyDublinCloud” folder to help organize files. Teachers should help students remember to save their files into their cloud folders so they can access them on other computers later. If a user forgets to save his/her files in the “cloud,” he/she can later go back to the computer used to create file, and then move it into the “cloud.” For this reason, teachers should help students keep track of the computers they used so they can easily find their files, if necessary.

The Future

When the 2012/2013 school year starts, files saved in the “MyDublinCloud” folder will only be accessible when using a district computer connected to the district network. If you take a laptop outside the district, you will see a connection error upon login. This just means your “MyDublinCloud” folder is not accessible at that
time. Your files will just be saved locally and can be moved into your cloud once you re-connect to the district’s network. Early in the Fall of 2012, we will be opening up access to the “MyDublinCloud” folders from outside the district. This means both staff and students will be able to upload and download files to their cloud folders from home. Also in the Fall of 2012, we will be adding shared cloud folders for specific groups (e.g., 6th Grade Science) and courses. These shared folders will help users share files with each other without having to print or email them. Teachers will be able to publish files for their students, and students will be able to turn in assignments to their teachers via their course cloud folders.

Addresses for Staff Servers

Since the automatic connection to the old file servers has been stopped, teachers may have the need to manually connect to an old server to access files. To access an old file server:
  1. Look under the "Go" menu and select "Connect to Server..."
  2. Enter in the URL to the file server you need to connect to (i.e., the file server of the building you were assigned to during the 2011/2012 school year).
  3. Navigate to your folder and open it.


URLs to old file servers:
Elementary Staff
Bailey Elementary: afp:bessvr1.bes.dublinschools.net
Chapman Elementary: afp:acessvr1.aces.dublinschools.net
Deer Run Elementary: afp:dressvr1.dres.dublinschools.net
Glacier Ridge Elementary: afp:gressvr1.gres.dublinschools.net
Indian Run: afp:iressvr1.ires.dublinschools.net
Olde Sawmill Elementary: afp:osessvr1.oses.dublinschools.net
Pinney Elementary: afp:epessvr1.epes.dublinschools.net
Riverside Elementary: afp:ressvr1.res.dublinschools.net
Scottish Corners: afp:scessvr1.sces.dublinschools.net
Thomas Elementary: afp:gtessvr1.gtes.dublinschools.net
Wright Elementary: afp:dwessvr1.dwes.dublinschools.net
Wyandot Elementary: afp:wessvr1.wes.dublinschools.net

Middle School Staff
Davis Middle: afp:dmssvr1.dms.dublinschools.net
Grizzel Middle: afp:gmssvr1.gms.dublinschools.net
Karrer Middle: afp:kmssvr1.kms.dublinschools.net
Sells Middle: afp:smssvr1.sms.dublinschools.net

High School Staff
Coffman High School: afp:dchssvr2.dchs.dublinschools.net
Jerome High School: afp:djhssvr2.djhs.dublinschools.net
Scioto High School: afp://dshssvr2.dshs.dublinschools.net