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Logging In

Go to https://admin.dublinschools.net/ to login to the working area or admin side of your page.

User ID: dcs\lastname_firstname

Password: directory password (what you use to log onto the computer and email.

Here is a step sheet to help you log in and access your web page.
Logging in and Accessing you Page

If you need to add components, click below for the step sheet.
District Web Page - Adding Components

Working with Basic Page Components

Once you are logged in, you can work on your page.
Here are some step sheets on some common web page components that you might like to use.

Working with a Text Component

Adding News Articles

Adding Downloads

Adding Links

Adding and/or Working With Headers

Other Page Components and Options Available

In additions to the common page components listed above, there are some other components and options you can use.

If you want to share a few pictures, you can add a Picture Gallery to your page. If you are sharing pictures of students, you might consider creating a password protected Child Page to hold your photos.
Adding a Photo Gallery

You can also add videos to your web page. Remember to keep them short and small in file size so that they load quickly.
Adding Video

Additional pages can be added to your site. This might help you to keep your information organized. These pages can be password protected if you would want to add pictures or other sensitive information.
Adding Child Pages

If you use Google Forms or have other items with an embed code, they can easily be added to your page using the Script Component.
Using the Script Window for Embed Codes
Using the Script Window