Your page may have came with some Page Components already added as shown. You need to understand that you are not tied to or limited to these Page Components. You can use, add, and/or delete Page Components as you see fit.

You are also not limited to the number of times you can use a Page Component.
There are several Page Components from which you can choose. These are the most popular:
  • Text Component - word processing, can also add a picture and links
  • News Component - current "news" information, has RSS Feed and people can subscribe
  • Links Component - add links to important sites
  • Downloads Component - add PDF documents for download, size limit 100 MB
  • Photo Gallery Component - can create a child page for this and have it password protected
  • Video Component - can add videos to your page
  • Script Component - can embed Google Forms, Google Presentations, or anything with an embed code

Adding Page Components

Each Page Component has its own unique features and uses. Adding 2 or more of the same component might help in organizing you web page. For example, you might have a Links component for Parent Links and another one for Student Links. Or you might want to have different Links components for the different subject areas.

In addition to this, you might have additional Download components to organize your downloads. For example, you might have one for your Newsletters and another one for forms or other documents you would like to have available for your students and parents to download.

To add a component to a window, you must first click on the Window tab to select the window where the component will live.

Then you click "+Add Page Component".

Here is a step sheet on adding Page Components:

Adding Page Components


Rearranging and/or Deleting Page Components

If you want to move the page component, you can click on the up or down arrows on the left side of each page component. Each click will move it up or down one level.

If you create a page component you no longer need, it is easy to delete it. Just click the "Delete" link on the right side of the listed component.