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The Staff Dashboard was created during the 2012/2013 school year, and continues to develop. The main purpose of the Dashboard is give staff a convenient way of accessing important links, personal files on the server, information about their students, and more.
Highlights of the Dashboard
  • The Dashboard is designed to be your "One Stop Shop"
  • The Dashboard contains links for all the Dublin Online Services.
  • Change your directory password, and look up your ProgressBook/DASL password.
  • Student Directory contains student usernames and passwords for computer login.
  • View student schedules.
  • Print a wide variety of labels using student demographics.
  • Download an Excel spreadsheet containing your students information.
  • View or print EMA Forms.
  • Identify students with medical concerns or allergies.
  • Parent Dashboard Login: Assist parents by looking up their username and first & last character of their password.
  • You can prompt the system to email parents with their dashboard login information.
  • Create Parent Contact email group with vCard.
  • Find tech PD Podcasts.
  • Lessons allow “just in time” learning
  • Lessons foster independence (teacher dashboard, student dashboard)
  • Teacher can share bookmarks with students.
  • Bookmarks saved in Dashboard are available anywhere… home, school, coffee shop
  • Mark It Tool for easy bookmarking.
  • Bookmarks are organizable in folders.
  • HelpDesk for a variety of needs. HelpDesk routes requests to appropriate people.
  • Reply to ticket email message to add a note or other information for technicians.
  • Printer Issues - call the number on printer.