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Creating Class Rosters

Class Rosters can be found in the Reports area. They are checklists you can create and ProgressBook adds the student names for you. You just need to print and you have a quick class roster or check sheet.

Click here for a video tutorial on how to create a class roster.

To create a Class Roster, go to the Reports area in either the Grade Book or Dashboard area.
PB Reports.png
PB ClassRosterSelection.png

Then click on the drop down menu and select "Class Roster". Once you have that selected, click "Run".

That will take you to this screen. Select the class you wish to have a class roster for and then choose the output format.


The HTML choice gives you a class roster to print as shown here.

The Excel choice allows you to have an Excel file with your student names already there. You might choose this format if you would want to work with the names and add additional information or data.

If you choose the Excel format, it will download a file.
You will need to locate the file and change the extension from .asp to .xls

PB asp.png

This is the original downloaded file.

When you change the extension to .xls, you will get this message asking if this is what you really want to do. Click "Use .xls".
PB xls message.png

The document will then become an Excel file that you can open.
PB xls.png