Automated Substitute Placement & Absence Management

Aesop is a web-based software that certified and classified staff will be using to report absences for the school year. Dublin City Schools will no longer use Sub-Finder as Aesop is replacing it. Substitutes are paid through the ESC (Education Service Center), so only substitutes found on the list can substitute for Dublin. Other school districts use this shared service too. In this module, you will learn how to log into Aesop, create an absence, create a preferred substitute list, and change your PIN number. You should receive a letter from the district that gives you your ID and PIN to log in to Aesop. You also might receive an email from Frontline Technologies with the credentials. If you have not received an ID and PIN, your admin secretaries can retrieve that information for you. Please bookmark the site in your web browser.


Employees will be able to:
  • Log into Aesop (or use the Automated Phone Service)
  • Learn how to change your PIN number
  • Learn how to create an absence
  • Learn how to create a preferred substitute list (certified staff that require substitutes)

In the next fifteen minutes:
  • Please read through the module to learn the basics of Aesop
  • Log in to Aesop

Logging In: Click on the Link to go to Aesop

Each employee of the district will receive an ID and PIN to log in to Aesop. The ID will be the phone number of your home school. Your PIN will be a 5-digit number that you can change at anytime. If you forget your information, the admin secretary of your school can retrieve the information. Type in your ID and PIN in the top right boxes of the webpage, click on Login.

Aesop Login.jpeg

This is the home page that will appear after you log into the website.


Once you login, you will see a calendar in the top left of your screen. It is an interactive calendar that tells you when school is closed (pink shade), when school has an inservice day (yellow shade), and blue numbers that indicate a day that an absence form is required from an employee if they take the day off for any reason.

On the left side of the screen, you will see an action menu that allows the user to:
- Create an Absence
- Absence Reason Balances
- View My Schedule
- Absences Files
- Change Pin
- Change Personal Information
- Absence History
- Preferred Substitutes

Note that not all employees have the same action menu. Yours might look different depending on your job and if you require a substitute or not.

Under User Guides, you can view a basic and advanced training video and access guides that are in pdf format.

In the middle of the screen, you will be able to see any messages that are sent from the district Aesop administrator. You will also see any scheduled absences that you have created in the next 14 days. If you have questions, please contact your admin secretary first before contacting Sharon Dempsey.

If you want to use the telephone to create an absence, you can dial 1-800-942-3767. You will still need to use your ID and PIN number to create the absence. Here is a user's guide to use Aesop via the telephone.

Changing Your PIN:

To change your PIN number, you must be logged into Aesop. On the home screen, click on the "Change Pin" hyperlink in the action menu. (It is not required to change your PIN)


You must type in your current PIN number and then type in your new PIN number twice. After completing those steps, click on "Apply Changes."

Here are the Guidelines to Changing your PIN:
- PIN must be between 4 and 5 digits long
- PIN must not have all consecutive digits
- PIN must not have 4 or more consecutive digits the same
- New PIN must not be the same as previous 5 PINs

Creating an Absence:

Once you log into Aesop, on the home page you will see a hyperlink that says, "Create an Absence." You will click on that hyperlink to create an absence.


You will see the following screen next:



You will select the date range of your absence. It can be for any length of time during the current school year. After you select the start and end date, you will select an Absence Reason. Please make sure you select the appropriate reason for being absenct as Aesop is how personal days and sick days are deducted.
PLEASE NOTE: Absence Reasons will be updated soon to match districts absence forms (similar to Sub-Finder).

After you select your reason, you must indicate (yes or no) if a substitute is required for that day. Some employees will only have the option of NO as a permanent choice since they will never have a substitute. Once you select yes or no, you will click on "Next."

Once you click on "Next," this screen will appear:


You will be able to modify your absence in this screen by changing the date, absence reason, and/or time.

You can write a note to the substitute if you wish (there is a 255 characters max). Also, you can create a note to your administrator that the substitute will not be able to view. Only the administrator can view the message.

Once you have modified/confirmed the absence, click on Save to create the absence.

Once you hit Save, you will see this screen next:

On this screen, you will receive a confirmation number. You will be able to Edit/Cancel the absence by clicking on the "Edit/Cancel" button. You will also see any notes that you created for the substitute and/or administrator. You also have the option to upload an attachment for the substitute that accepts the job. Attachments can be .doc or .pdf files up to 500kb.

Creating a Preferred Substitute List:

If your position requires a substitute, you have the ability to create a preferred substitute list. It is recommended that you have 3-5 substitutes on your preferred list if you want certain substitutes as other districts in Central Ohio use this service. You do not have to create one on August 22nd. Please make note that you do not have the ability to assign a specific substitute to any absence you create in this system. Creating a preferred substitute list can enhance the odds that you will get a preferred substitute for your absence. Once you create your preferred substitute list, you can rank the order of the substitutes by your "Favorite 5." Aesop will call these substitutes in the order you create, but will also send an email to them simultaneously. You can edit your preferred substitute list at anytime.

To create a preferred substitute list, click on the "Preferred Substitutes" hyperlink in the action menu.

Then click on "Add New Substitutes"
You can either search for the substitutes by name or click on the letters to find substitutes by last name. Once you select a letter, a screen will appear with names in a list.
Please make note:
  • Add the substitute and select the "include" button if you wish for Aesop to give this substitute preferential treatment.
  • You cannot exclude a substitute from your preferred list

Make sure the box next to the substitute is checked along with "Include" chosen to get the substitute on your preferred list. Once you make your selection from the list, click on "Apply Changes," located on the bottom of the table of substitutes.


You will see the substitutes on your preferred list after you hit "Apply Changes." You can edit the list anytime you want. If you click on "Edit," you will be able to select your Favorite 5 substitutes from Aesop. Your Favorite 5 will be called in the order as you put them, but an email will be sent simultaneously to all of them at the sametime.


Once you make your Favorite 5 selections, you must hit "Apply Changes."

Additional Resources:

You can view a basic and advanced training video on your home page in Aesop.

Here are some additional resources to assist you in the new system:

Some features mention in the Quickstart Guide are not available in our Aesop system.

Want to use Aesop on your mobile phone?